• One of the most beautiful settings

    One of the most beautiful settings

  • Calm and peaceful

    Calm and peaceful

  • Set in a lush garden

    Set in a lush garden

  • Surrounded by colour

    Surrounded by colour

  • A natural haven for bird life

    A natural haven for bird life


BioWise At Hide Away Guest House

The town of Knysna is moving towards becoming the first nature-inspired town where we consciously draw on nature's database of proven strategies, systems and processes to solve the various issues facing us - economic, infrastructural and socio-political.

At Hide Away Guest House we are making every effort to use as little energy and water as possible, an off-spin of which is a reduced carbon footprint. These are some of the initiatives we have in place:

  • Hot water provided in the geyser is from solar panels located on the roof and timers attached to the geysers.
  • Globes throughout the house have been changed to energy saving globes and numerous lights located around the property are activated by movement.
  • We have installed cellulose fibre ceiling insulation throughout the house keeping warmth in in the winter and heat out in summer and should therefore reduce the usage of heaters/air conditioners, etc.
  • Although not visible to guests, we do rain harvesting which water is used to clean the verandahs, fill the swimming pool and water the garden.
  • Garbage is split into recyclable containers and we donate old linen, etc. to the Knysna Recycling Swop Shop.
  • We have recently introduced earthworm farming and the resultant "compost" is used in the garden.
  • Where possible we use biodegradable products for cleaning and general maintenance of the property.

It is important to know that Knysna continually has a problem with water. The reason for this is that we do not have any large catchment dams in the area but rely on water from a small dam outside of town that stores 90 days of water at any one time. Generally, the town takes its water from surrounding rivers, boreholes and a reverse osmosis plant.

Please help us to save water - a resource which is becoming more and more scarce in our beautiful country.