The Crags

Hideaway Guest House, Knysna, Garden Route

Tenikwa grew from humble beginnings in 2002 when the owners started rehabilitating injured birds in a wooded shed behind their house. Today it is one of the largest active wildlife rehabilitation centres in the Western Cape, attending to a diverse variety of animals including terrestrial and marine species.

Birds of Eden’s unique two hectare dome, the world’s largest of its kind, spans over a gorge of indigenous forest. It is currently home to over 3,500 birds from over 220 species, with the main focus being African birds. See the local Knysna Loerie (Turaco) in all its glory.

Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary is the world’s first free-roaming multi-species primate sanctuary. This eco-tourism, child friendly activity educates visitors on wildlife conservation.

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary focusses on conservation education, specifically the plight of large predators in captivity in SA and all over the world. Siberian and Bengal tigers are some of the big cats you will see as you walk around the sanctuary.

AfriCanyon. Explore a river with AfriCanyon, navigate through the river shallows, jump, zip-line, swim through fresh-water mountain pools, slide down natural water slides and abseil in and around waterfalls as you dip down into the river gorge.

The Puzzle Park offers interactive fun for the whole family. The two main activities are the first life sized 3D Maze in South Africa and an exciting and unique Forest Puzzle Walk. Activities are designed for visitors of all ages, not only to exercise bodies, but also minds in an entertaining, educational and affordable way.

Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary. Experience a guided tour consisting of an indigenous snake pit, various outdoor exhibits, a large dome housing South African and exotic snakes, followed by enormous pythons, monitor lizards and crocodiles.

Kurland Park Horse Trails is situated on the outskirts of the beautiful Plettenberg Bay area. The trails offer a combination of hidden forest paths, water crossings, long cantering stretches and breathtaking mountain views. All rides are accompanied by trained, enthusiastic guides who will ensure that you are matched to the right horse, and that the basic commands are explained to you. Beginners will be assisted throughout the ride while more experienced riders will have plenty of opportunity to trot and canter along the route.

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